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Donating Your Time and Talent

The spirit of volunteerism is alive and well at The Kroc Center. As our community center continues to grow, rewarding volunteer opportunities will continue to evolve.

Kroc volunteers are held to the same standards as Kroc employees including application, background check, Child Safe training, and orientation. Volunteers coach, clean, help with special events and much more.

Boston and its surrounding communities are rich in resources, including professionals, retirees, families and singles who have skills to share and a passion to serve. If you have a special skill or passion-whether it's a knack for playing the piano or an affinity for data entry-or if you simply want to help others, we would love to hear from you. As opportunities become available, we will contact you.      

The Kroc Center relies on more than its paid staff to meet the mission of Joan Kroc. Mrs. Kroc was clear in her intent: to be a place where children can learn from one another, individuals can seek personal growth and development, and a place for the community to gather in leisure and fellowship in an environment that embraces the love and acceptance that Jesus Christ teaches us.


Q: Who can volunteer here at the Kroc?

A: Almost anyone over the age of 14 who has an interest!  However, the Salvation Army reserves the right to refuse volunteers based on the results of a CORI/ SORI check.  And yes, ALL volunteers must undergo a CORI/ SORI clearance.  These guidelines are in place to protect the young people that frequent our center.

Q: Does the Kroc Center accept volunteers who need to complete community service hours?

A: Yes, but since a CORI/ SORI clearance is needed, please make sure to fill out your application as early as possible to make sure all the hours can be completed in the time limit given to you by the court.

Q: What kinds of activities or duties do Kroc Center volunteers perform?

A: Based on our needs, as well as a volunteer’s stated preferences and availability, volunteers can end up performing a variety of tasks.  These can include office work, indoor or outdoor cleaning, or helping out with our social service programs.

Q: What is the process for becoming a volunteer?

A: All volunteers must submit an application and pass a background check.  Kroc Center staff will then contact the volunteer once they are cleared to make arrangements.

Please ask for an application by inquiring at our Welcome Desk or by calling the Center’s volunteer coordinator at 617.318.6920.

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